The best butchery in South Africa

Are you looking for meat that is of the best quality and sold at the best prices? Meat World is a wholesale and retail butchery that offers the best quality meat at the lowest prices; this enables everyone to enjoy some of the best meat you will find.

As a top butchery, we offer professional bulk meat cutting that will be packed to your exact specifications and our range includes pork, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, ostrich, turkey and many more. Meat World will keep you coming back for more every time. The cuts of meat we have to offer:

  • Beef: Mince, steaks (rump, sirloin, fillet, etc), oxtail, boerewors, burger patties, goulash, topside, tongue, tripe, schnitzels, corned beef, marrow bones, etc
  • Pork: Ribs, chops, rashers, bacon, ham and gammon, sausages, fillet, kassler chops, etc
  • Lamb: Leg of lamb, chops, ribs, sausages, shanks, rib roast and ground lamb
  • Chicken: Breasts, legs, wings, feet, giblets, neck, etc

So for a butchery that offers the widest range of the best meat you will ever find, come to Meat World today! We are a unique concept in South Africa when it comes to succeeding in meeting the needs of large and small scale buyers.

Biltong making everyone happy!

Meat World has some of the best tasting biltong you will ever find. As South Africans we all know how important biltong is due to it not being made anywhere else. The biltong making process is involved in two main processes:

  1. Preparation: Firstly the meat is marinated in vinegar for a few hours, it is then removed and spiced with spices such as salt, coriander and pepper, it is then left for a few hours and hung in the dryer
  2. Drying: Biltong is dried by cold air and climate controlled dry rooms, and takes approximately 4 days to be medium cured

Meat World uses the best and most advanced biltong dryer regarding the biltong making process to ensure quality that is unbeatable. We have a wide variety of to choose from, from boerewors to sliced biltong, we have it all!

Meat World South Africa- A biltong maker that makes biltong that is out of this world.

Meat World the Quality Meat market

Meat World is a meat market that is not only seen as meat suppliers, but offers the following as well:

  • Biltong (Cape Town and South Africa)
  • Cream cheese, deli food and deli-blue cheese: We supply a wide range of cheeses and cold meats which are great for any occasion whether sitting at home or having a party

We are the number one meat company for all your red meat and food requirements. We also specialise in portion control for the restaurants and the catering industry. So come to Meat Worldtoday, for your meat needs!

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