Statement: Carte Blanche - 24 September 2017

Meat World is taking the allegations made in the report by Carte Blanche very seriously. “We will do  everything in our power to restore our customer’s faith on our brand,” says Pereira, founder and group CEO.


Meat World chose to go to court to fight the airing of the programme on Sunday because it believes that the procedures followed by Carte Blanche were unfair and aimed at sensationalism. Meat World was given little time to investigate the matter internally or to respond before the insert was aired. This one-sided approach could have devastating consequences for the brand, and in turn for the hundreds of employees who have jobs in Meat World stores and factory.


Meat World is also aware of instances of sabotage at some of its stores. Management believe that re-labelling due to price changes has been misrepresented and sensationalised in an effort to discredit the brand.

Meat World has a proud 22 year history. Starting from a small shop in Springs, the group now has 14 stores across Gauteng, the North West and Mpumalanga. Despite this, Meat World has retained its community-focussed approach where customers become friends. “Getting involved in the communities that we serve is a huge part of who we are,” says Pereira. School events, church fund-raisers, charity braai-days and sport-team sponsorships are just a few examples of community work that Meat World does.

Despite the company’s standing in the community, Meat World cannot deny the damage that the programme has had on its reputation. “We are determined to use this as an opportunity to improve,”  says Pereira.  Internal investigations are on-going and no cost will be spared in ensuring that quality assurance procedures are of the highest standard in all of the branches and at a factory level. Health and safety training (which has always taken place in Meat World stores) will become more frequent and more intensive than ever.  Independent health and safety representatives will continue to conduct inspections and monitor processes at all Meat World stores.

We will keep customer updated on the findings of our internal investigations.

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    Meat World - The Quality Meat Market and Butchery

    Meat World is a wholesale and retail butchery group placing strong emphasis on providing the best quality meat at the lowest prices.

    The opening of the first shop in Springs 20 years ago was a first small step towards success. Today 11 Meat Worlds aim to provide their customers with the best personalized service, value for money and quality on the market.

    In Meat World’s bulk section, a customer can buy a whole lamb, pork or a beef hind quarter. A butcher is available to cut and pack the meat according to the requirements of the customer. Personal communication is encouraged and enables the customer to tell the butcher exactly how he wants the meat cut.

    A pre-packed section is also available for customers’ convenience. The deli and gourmet counters have a large variety of marinated and fresh cut meat. Meat world also produces top quality processed products at their own factory in Springs.

    Meat World supplies a number of restaurants, catering companies and small retailers and provides the added service of portion control, vacuum packing and deliveries.

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